Fox News’ Gutfeld: Kyle Rittenhouse ‘Did the Right Thing’ in Shooting

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld spoke out in defense of Kyle Rittenhouse on Thursday, saying the 18-year-old “did the right thing” when he shot two people at a racial justice protest last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse is currently on trial, charged with murder.

Jan 14, 2021: In a motion filed Wednesday, prosecutors said when Rittenhouse went to a Mount Pleasant bar after his arraignment on Jan. 5, he flashed “white power” signs while posing for photos, and was serenaded with the Proud Boys’ anthem.

Gutfeld said, “People say that Rittenhouse never should have gone to Kenosha. The dead guys shouldn’t have gone there either. One was a convicted pedophile who again had anally raped a child. Another other was a serial domestic abuser. They should not have been anywhere on a street right? They should have been in jail or in an institution. Kyle’s victims, the two dead guys, deserved better from the government. But they didn’t deserve better from Kyle. He did the right thing. He did what the government should have done.”

Gutfeld finished by saying that it was President Joe Biden who was “a bigot,” not Rittenhouse, and that Rittenhouse should sue the president.

Liberal pundit Jessica Tarlov responded, “I am not comfortable with endorsing vigilantism on any level.”

Oct 27, 2021: Judge says men Kyle Rittenhouse killed shouldn’t be called ‘victims’

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