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Why the Far Right Tries to Recruit Football Hooligans | Decade of Hate – VICE

Aug 27, 2021

For decades, football and the far right have interacted with each other in various ways across the globe. This interaction often involves a small subset of fans – ‘ultras’, ‘casuals’, ‘hooligans’, the definitions change depending on where you are in the world – who are seen as the most devoted, fanatical followers of their football clubs, often engaging in extreme violence with each other.

But what is it about hooligans that makes them a target of far-right recruitment?

This is how, from London to Belgrade to Jerusalem, right-wing movements and political parties have attempted to co-opt the testosterone-charged energy of the football terraces, and turn it into a ready-made weapon to silence opponents. But also how rival hooligan firms can put aside their differences, just as they do for international games, and form their own far-right movements.


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