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Alberta bar closes after ‘overwhelming’ number of threats after opting into vax pass

A bar just east of Calgary says it will be closing dine-in service after it received an “overwhelming” number of threats that came its way after it said it would be opting into Alberta’s vaccine passport program.

Sep 16, 2021: There’s a mix of anger and acceptance in Alberta after Premier Jason Kenney reversed his stance on renewed COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine passports.

The Langdon Firehouse Bar and Grill writes on Facebook that it has been flooded with angry comments and messages since it announced people would have to prove they’ve been vaccinated or share a negative COVID-19 test before entering the bar.

“This past weekend we were overwhelmed with threats and bullying both in person and online. This was directed to the ownership group and the staff! We feel the safety of ourselves and our staff is at risk,” the bar said.

The restaurant says all through the pandemic, it stayed in line with Alberta’s COVID-19 restrictions, closing when needed, making sure patrons were masked, and keeping parties socially distanced when they were dining in.

“We have always tried to do what is right for the community, our staff, and this business. We have made very difficult decisions for the greater good of the community and our business,” the bar said.

“The beliefs that people have, have become more than just beliefs, they have become anger and hate. This has impacted us in a way we did not expect.”

The bar has turned off comments and direct messages on its social media pages. It says it will be closing dine-in service and will only remain open in the evenings for pick-up and delivery orders.

The Langdon Firehouse Bar and Grill closes its Facebook statement by saying whether you’re vaccinated or not, “we are all in this together.”


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