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Trudeau hit by gravel as protesters surround campaign bus in London, Ont.

Liberal leader says he’s OK; O’Toole calls incident ‘disgusting’

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was hit by some gravel Monday while boarding a campaign bus in London, Ont.

Sep 7, 2021: Heated protesters targeted Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau at a campaign stop in London, Ont., where at least one demonstrator threw gravel as Trudeau attempted to leave on a campaign bus.

As Trudeau went to get on the bus, which was surrounded by angry protesters, small objects could be seen thrown in his direction. A masked Trudeau looked startled before he went into the vehicle.

Trudeau later confirmed to reporters on the campaign plane that he was hit by gravel but said he is okay. He compared the incident to when pumpkin seeds were thrown at him

Trudeau’s campaign has been the target of protests before, one of which led the campaign to cancel a planned rally.

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole sent a Twitter message calling the incident “disgusting” and condemned the actions “in the strongest terms possible.”

“Political violence is never justified and our media must be free from intimidation, harassment, and violence,” O’Toole said.


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