Apartments of 5 Berlin police officers searched for far-right links

Apartments and other rooms belonging to the men were raided on Wednesday. Authorities say they shared racist and anti-government far-right content in a chat group.

Berlin police on Wednesday announced that it had raided apartments and rooms connected to five of its officers after it was found that they had shared racist and anti-government content in an online chat group with 12 members.

Jun 28, 2021: Hundreds of police officers under investigation for far-right extremism

The officers were said to have distributed images and caricatures depicting racist, right-wing imagery as well as unconstitutional symbols.

The department said the operation had been “a success” and that evidence was currently being evaluated. 

Right-wing extremism among police not just a problem in Berlin

Wednesday’s raids were spurred by information turned up during a prior ongoing investigation into one of the officers. Investigators suspected him of betraying of state secrets and discovered the chat group with its content and contacts while searching his cellphone.

Jul 7, 2020: Amid reports of right-wing extremist activity in the German police and armed forces, radical groups are said to be preparing a coup against the government. The federal Interior Ministry has promised to crack down on right-wing groups.

The raids are part of a criminal investigation against the five officers on possible charges of sedition. It is being led by state prosecutors and the Berlin Police Department’s newly formed internal investigations unit, “Zentral” (Central).

Wednesday’s revelations are the latest in a series of incidents involving rightwing-extremist sentiment among Germany’s police — most recently departments in Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia made headlines.

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