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Armed settlers open gunfire at Palestinians west of Nablus

Armed Israeli settlers last night opened gunfire at Palestinian civilians at a main junction near the village of Deir Sharaf, to the west of Nablus city in the occupied West Bank, according to a local source. No injuries were reported.

Jun 11, 2021: Tear gas clashes mark anti-settlement protest south of Nablus West Bank

Ghassan Daghlas, who monitors Israeli settlement activities in the north of the West Bank, told reporters that armed settlers opened gunfire at Palestinian-owned shops near Deir Sharaf, before they managed to flee the scene.

Attacks by colonial Israeli settlers against Palestinians have seen an uptick during the last few weeks, with some attacks being perpetrated in the presence of the Israeli occupation army or police.

Violence by extremist Israeli settlers is commonplace and is rarely prosecuted by the Israeli occupation authorities.

There are over 600,000 Israeli settlers living in the occupied West Bank and in Jerusalem in violation of international law, which prohibits the relocation of the population of the occupying entity to the land of the occupied.


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