21st Century Challenges: Crash Course European History #49

The 21st century brought a whole new host of challenges to the world, and Europe was no exception.

In this video you’ll learn about how an increasingly connected and complex world led to some pretty deep rifts in countries across the continent.

We’ll learn about financial crises that rippled across the world.

We’ll learn about wars and resultant migrations that sowed discord in many European nations.

Increasing polarization and populism played out in movements like Brexit in the UK.

While we don’t know what the future holds, an understanding of the roots of conflict can help create a roadmap for the future.

Note from Among the Fray: Now that we have finished World History, we will be watching Crash Course’s European History series. An episode – in chronological order of course – will be posted with the morning news everyday. Enjoy!

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News with a historical perspective. Fighting against misinformation, hate, and revisionist history.

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