Red Cross warns that coronavirus cases are exploding in Asia

Coronavirus cases are exploding in Asia and the Pacific with over 5.9 million new confirmed infections in the past two weeks, more than in all other regions combined, the International Federation of the Red Cross said Wednesday.

May 11, 2021: Malaysia’s health director-general Noor Hisham Abdullah has admitted that the government may have loosened COVID-19 lockdown restrictions too early. He was referring to the movement control order in January. He said it helped prevent the number of daily cases from climbing, but failed to bring figures down to double or triple digits. Malaysia reported 3,973 new COVID-19 cases on May 11. Dr Noor Hisham acknowledged concerns about the impact of the latest lockdown, but said the government must act as a third wave of infections could trigger a national crisis.

It warned that the surge is pushing hospitals and health systems to the brink of collapse.

Seven out of 10 countries globally that are doubling their infection numbers the fastest are in Asia and the Pacific, it said. Laos took just 12 days to see its cases double, and the number of confirmed infections in India has doubled in under two months to more than 23 million, the Red Cross said in a statement.

It said Oxford University’s Our World in Data reported more than 5.9 million new COVID-19 infections in Asia and the Pacific during the two weeks. Official figures for much of the region are widely believed to be undercounts.

“COVID-19 is exploding across much of Asia, overwhelming hospitals and healthcare. More people have been diagnosed with the disease in Asia over the past two weeks than in the Americas, Europe, and Africa combined,” Red Cross Asia Pacific director Alexander Matheou said.

Apr 17, 2021: Coronavirus cases are multiplying across parts of Asia, driving fears of a possible fourth wave. In Thailand, nightclubs have been blamed for a surge in infections around a holiday period that led to new case records.

“Right now, we need global solidarity for regional support with more medical equipment, support for prevention and urgent access to vaccines,” he said.

While vaccination campaigns are underway in the region, the Red Cross said they are hampered by shortages, hesitancy and the costly logistics of reaching many areas across the region.

“To bring this pandemic under control, we need greater global cooperation so that lifesaving resources, medical equipment, vaccines and money get where they are needed to help people most at risk. We’re only safe when everyone is safe,” it said.

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