Poland’s Far Right Are Attacking Everyone They Hate

Apr 30, 2021

In Poland, these are just some of the reasons the far right might attack you: for carrying an LGBTQ flag, for peacefully protesting outside a church, for marching in a Pride parade, for being pro-choice.

Why are adult angry white men attacking women and people holding rainbows?

In short, the government is encouraging it. In this episode of Decade of Hate, host Tim Hume looks at how Poland’s populist government and powerful Catholic Church are stripping women and the LGBTQ community of their rights, and how the far right is using the opportunity to physically attack people who don’t fit their narrow world view.

As Poland lets hate groups do its dirty work, we hear from activists who are determined to keep up the fight for their rights.

Published by amongthefray

News with a historical perspective. Fighting against misinformation, hate, and revisionist history.

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