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Police: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Jun 8, 2020: As nationwide protests over the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are met with police brutality, John Oliver discusses how the histories of policing and white supremacy are intertwined, the roadblocks to fixing things, and some potential paths forward.

“They’re Lucky Black People are Looking for Equality and Not Revenge”

As the Summer of 2021 poises to become a repeat of 2020’s, let’s watch this episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver once again.

Will equality ever come, or is revenge the future? Will the police stop killing Black men and women for minor infractions? Will the police, donning military hardware and weaponry, stop violently attacking those who rightfully protest against state-sanctioned murder?


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News with a historical perspective. Fighting against misinformation, hate, and revisionist history.

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