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Kenosha Cop Who Shot Jacob Blake Returns to Work Like Nothing Ever Happened

The white police officer who shot Black man Jacob Blake in the back seven times will “not be subjected to discipline,” according to a Tuesday statement from Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis.

Jan 15, 2021: Blake, who is now partially paralyzed, recounted being shot by police after they used a stun gun on him. Police say he drew a knife on them. The officers are on paid leave and will not face charges.

Officer Rusten Sheskey returned from administrative leave as of the beginning of this month, and is back on active-duty, the statement said. Sheskey shot Blake in August 2020 as he was getting into his van with his children, reigniting anti-police brutality protests.

Blake is now paralyzed from the waist down. A judge ruled earlier this year that Sheskey will not face any criminal charges.

“He acted within the law and was consistent with training,” Miskinis’ statement said. “I know that some will not be pleased with this outcome; however, given the facts, the only lawful and appropriate decision was made.”


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