Right-wing Project Veritas permanently banned from Twitter after multiple violations: report

Twitter confirmed Thursday that the far-right group Project Veritas was permanently suspended from their social media site after repeated violations of the terms of service. The founder of the group, James O’Keefe, must delete his latest tweet before he can continue with the website.

Twitter’s spokesperson told New York Times tech reporter Davey Alba: “The account, @Project_Veritas, was permanently suspended for repeated violations of Twitter’s private information policy. The account, @JamesOKeefeIII, was temporarily locked for violating our private information policy. The account owner is required to delete the violated Tweet to regain access to their account.”

Oct 6, 2020: In his first interview, Liban Osman tells the FOX 9 Investigators he was offered $10,000 by community activist Omar Jamal to say he was collecting ballots for Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

O’Keefe has attempted to spread multiple lies about progressive groups with selectively edited videos. His latest conspiracy has been that Antifa was behind the attack on the Capitol, not Trump’s supporters. The Justice Department under former President Donald Trump refuted that claim.


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